Transforming dreams into reality

Improving the lives of women and children, with holistic development opportunities and a focus on health, education, and empowerment.

Nand Ghar Milestone Report

Our Vision

Nand Ghar is committed to the Prime Minister's national vision of eradicating child malnutrition, providing education and healthcare, and empowering women with skill development.

Our Mission

Transforming the lives of 70 mn children and 20 mn women across 1.37 mn Anganwadis in India through Nand Ghars.

Fulfilling our honourable Prime Minister's commitment towards Swacch Bharat, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, and Startup India by equipping Nand Ghars with televisions for e-learning, solar panels for reliable power, safe drinking water, and clean toilets.

Our Modernised Anganwadis

We aim to transform the Anganwadi network with modern infrastructure and a bouquet of integrated services including e-learning for children, primary healthcare services, and economic empowerment of women.

This model of state-of-the-art Anganwadi will function as an education and health centre for children in the morning and as a skill development training centre for women in the second half. The Nand Ghar project has shown a remarkable improvement in learning abilities and school-readiness in children as we deploy e-learning modules and playful learning for education in collaboration with world-class partners. With an integrated approach, Nand Ghars are ensuring women undergo entrepreneurship training, to start their micro-enterprises and provide credit linkages, thereby providing an excellent opportunity to transform the lives of millions of women in the coming years.

To transform the lives of women and children, 5500+ Nand Ghars have been set up across 14 states in India, and recently Vedanta signed an MOU with the Government of Rajasthan to develop 25,000 Nand Ghars across the state.

Through our flagship project, Nand Ghar, we are committed to fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of eradicating child malnutrition, providing education and healthcare, and empowering rural women through skill development. I have no doubt in my mind that Nand Ghar will continue to create a better tomorrow for the mother and the child at the grassroots level.

Anil Agarwal Chairman Vedanta Limited

The state-of–the-art technology and infrastructure make Nand Ghar a model resource centre for the community. Some of the key features are:

  • Green Field Model: Constructed using the latest Schnell technology, which is earthquake resistant and fireproof
  • Brown Field Model: Renovated and redesigned existing Anganwadi structures and converted into Nand Ghars
  • Rented Nand Ghars: Renovated and redesigned rented Anganwadis and converted into Nand Ghars
  • Porta Nand Ghars: Created a one-of-a kind porta cabin center to cater to urban population
  • Solar Panels and Grid Connection: 24/7 electricity for essential facilities
  • Toilets: For healthy sanitation and inculcating behavioral changes
  • Smart TV and Tablets: E-Learning through 40 weeks of scientific curriculum for children
  • Water Purifiers: Access to safe drinking water
  • Education Materials: Smart Kits provided to support linguistic, cognitive, motor skills, etc.

The Nand Ghar will function as an education and health centre for children in the morning, and as an entrepreneurship training centre for women in the second half. The centre provides:

  • Pre-school education to children (3-6 years) through e-learning, BaLA designs, and smart kits
  • Nutritious hot cooked meals for children and pregnant & lactating women, while strengthening the existing Government systems of service delivery.
  • Provision of Millet Bar at Nand Ghars to complement the nutrition among children
  • Healthcare through Mobile Health Vans and health camps, and ensuring accessibility to specialized doctors through the Tele-Consultancy model along with regular health camps
  • Women empowerment through skill training, credit linkage, and entrepreneurship development along with linkage to schemes
  • Animal welfare and care related activities to promote sensitivity towards animals among children and community members.
  • Mobilising various community engagement activities such as VHSNC meetings, immunisation, vaccination, parent-teacher meetings, etc.
  • Systemic strengthening of government-run initiatives by supporting ICDS and other departments
  • Engaging important members of the community in the activities of the Nand Ghar through Nand Ghar Committees, Women's Groups, Youth Clubs, etc. to inculcate community ownership
  • Development of 'Poshan Vatikas' at Nand Ghars to ensure nutritious food to children and 'Grih Vatikas' to promote community-level nutrition
  • Partnerships and convergences with national as well as local agencies in different geographies to bring in expert knowledge in the field
  • Promoting global as well as local volunteering programs at Nand Ghars

Nand Ghar
Impact Created


Nand Ghars across 14 states

2,40,000 +

Children Aged 0-6 Years Beneficiaries


Pregnant Women Beneficiaries


Community Health Program Beneficiaries


Women Empowerment Program Beneficiaries


Access to Clean Drinking Water


Access to Electricity through Solar Panels or Grid Electricity

60,000 +

Animals Impacted

"I've said it before that if I had a magic wand, one of the problems I'd fix is malnutrition. It devastates tens of millions of women and children around the world. Nand Ghar's work is advancing India's health and development goals in a meaningful way, and by working together, I think we'll advance them even faster."

Mr. Bill Gates
Co-Chair BMGF

"I congratulate Vedanta for leading change at the grassroots...The fact that today Vedanta is dedicating it's efforts towards telemedicine speaks volumes about not only the efforts undertaken thus far in Nand Ghars in terms of additional infrastructure or educational support within the Anganwadi system but also to address the healthcare needs of women, children and communities."

Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani
Honourable Union Minister of Women and Child Development

"I am pleased to see the community and industry leaders come together for a noble cause that focuses on the overall well-being of children and women. With Nand Ghar, a key component of holistic development has made its entry in Dharwad, Karnataka. It is heartening to see that corporates like Vedanta are coming forward to support the government in its endeavour to enhance the development of women and children. We hope that we will continue receiving such support and do more for women and children from underprivileged sections across the length and breadth of the country and realize Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's dream of a self-reliant New India."

Shri. Pralhad Joshi
Union Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs, GoI

"It gives me immense pleasure to inaugurate this Nand Ghar at Dhobil, which is one-of-its-kind a modern, state-of-the-art version of the Anganwadi. It is one of the finest examples of CSR. I am sure this well-equipped Anganwadi Centre will help in upliftment of education facilities at early stages of learning and empowering communities around particularly women from periphery of Dhobil. I appreciate Vedanta for creating this model and urge all the villagers to avail maximum benefits from Nand Ghars."

Smt. Joba Majhi
Minister of Women and Child Development, Jharkhand

"I would like to thank Shri Anil Agarwal of the Vedanta Group with whose vision Nand Ghars in Rajasthan are making a mark in the society. I congratulate all for this abode for children where they can learn, grow, and develop in blissful environment. Children are the foundation stone of our state and the nation, they must be given an encouraging environment to grow. I urge all the functionaries to work sincerely towards the goal of our department and take this vision forward."

Smt. Mamta Bhupesh
Minister of Women and Child Development, Rajasthan