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India's leading producer of Iron ore

Sesa Goa Iron Ore, a Vedanta Group company, is engaged in the exploration, mining, and processing of iron ore.

The company was founded in 1954, as Scambi Economic SA Goa. Since then, it has grown to be one of the country's top low-cost producers of iron ore. During 1991-1995, it diversified into pig iron and metallurgical coke manufacturing. It has also developed indigenous and environment-friendly technology for producing high-quality metallurgical coke.

Sesa Goa Iron Ore also has two power plants of 30 MW each that produce 60 MW of clean power by using the waste heat recovery from its coke ovens and blast furnace gas. The company has diversified its product portfolio with the addition of cement, nickel-cobalt operations. Sesa Goa Iron Ore Business has expanded exponentially in terms of geographic reach with operations spread across 5 states in India and Iron ore operations overseas in Liberia.

  • Iron ore is found in nearly every industrial activity
  • Iron allowed economic expansion during the Industrial Revolution by serving as a key material to the infrastructure industry and it continues to do so even now
  • India's iron ore reserves rank 7th globally (i.e. 5.5 bn tonnes)
  • It has a wide range of applications in steelmaking, construction, infrastructure, and the automotive sector
  • One of the largest merchant iron ore miners in India and one of the largest producers and exporters of merchant pig iron in India
  • 5 million tons of iron ore is produced in Karnataka growing at 15% year-on-year
  • Low-cost producers of Iron ore
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Accelerating economic development

Iron ore is an important element that has proven to boost infrastructure development since the industrial revolution. As we are set out to achieve our goal of becoming an Atmanirbhar nation, iron ore production is critical and will aid in rapid urbanization, steelmaking, construction, infrastructure, and the automotive sector.

Sesa Goa Iron Ore has Metallurgical Coke manufacturing operations in Goa, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, and pig iron production at Goa Value Added Business.

Pursuant to the Honourable Supreme Court of India order, mining operations in the state of Goa are currently suspended. We continue our engagement with the stakeholders for a resumption of mining operations.

economic development
Mr. Navin Jaju

We are committed towards nation building and contribute our maximum towards self-reliant India, through our multi capital approach highly focused on sustainable growth. We are well poised to drive the massive transformation in India's Iron & Steel sector by introduction of technology based innovations, process optimization initiatives and most importantly through implementation of world class ESG practices. In this growth journey we remain highly dedicated towards ensuring robust safety, inclusivity ,governance and transparent business practices at all our operations and in every single activity at Vedanta’s Iron & Steel sector.

Navin Jaju

Chief Executive Officer
Sesa Goa


To be the highest value creator in the iron ore industry contributing to the growth of the nation.

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