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Building a shinier

Building a shinier tomorrow

Ferro Alloys Corporation Limited (FACOR) became a part of Vedanta business in September 2020.

The company’s Charge Chrome Plant (CCP) was established in 1983 and is one of India's significant producers and exporters of Ferro Alloys, an essential ingredient for production of Steel and Stainless Steel.

FACOR has the capacity to produce 81.3 ktpa of Charge Chrome / Ferro Chrome along with a 100 MW Power plant in Bhadrak, Odisha. It has also established a mining complex at Jajpur and Dhenkanal districts in Odisha for the mining of Chrome Ore having annual capacity of 250 ktpa. Chrome ore is the main raw material to produce High Carbon Ferro Chrome/ Charge Chrome.

For ensuring excellence in results, FACOR has given utmost priority to stringent quality and cost control measures coupled with commitment to ESG principles.

  • High Carbon Ferro Chrome is used as a major ingredient in stainless steel manufacturing; presence of chromium in steel imparts its anti-corrosion properties
  • High Carbon Ferro Chrome is used in the manufacturing of ball-bearing steels, tool steels as well as other alloy steels
  • Annual Chrome Ore Production recorded at 250 kt in FY'22 (Increased 69% Y-o-Y)
  • Achieved highest ever HCFC Production of 75.3 kt in FY'22 since inception (Increased 10% Y-o-Y)
  • Achieved highest ever HCFC Sales number of 76.9 kt in FY'22 since inception (Increased 8% Y-o-Y)
  • Achieved highest ever consolidated EBITDA 3.24 bn in FY'22 as against 690 mn after acquisition
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Unwavering Mission

To maximise stakeholder interest by exploration of new avenues, innovations in technology, continuous improvement in cost, operational excellence, safety, and sustainability.

To stay committed to our ESG journey and Sustainable Development Goals.

To provide highest quality improvement in operation through skilled employees with focus on diversity and inclusion.

Unwavering Mission
Pankaj Kumar Sharma

We aim to emerge as a global leader in the Ferro Alloys sector, thereby serving as a strong pillar for India’s development journey. As a company we place key priority to our core values of trust, care, integrity, respect, excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We are guided by our group philosophy of `Zero harm, Zero waste, Zero discharge’. We are well positioned to lead the way with our breakthrough innovations, process optimization, digital and technology-based advancements. Moving forward, we aspire to be the high-grade, low-cost ferro chrome producers, thereby building a better and sustainable world for future generations.

Pankaj Kumar Sharma

Chief Executive Officer


To be a reputed global leader in high grade, low-cost ferro chrome production.