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Enriching power

Enriching lives with power

Vedanta Power is one of the largest private sector power generators in India & a super critical asset.

Talwandi Sabo Power Limited (TSPL) is an entirely owned subsidiary via which the business operates. TSPL has a power purchase agreement in place with the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) to establish a 1980 MW thermal coal power plant with 3 units of 660 MW each. TSPL generates and provides 100% of power to the PSEB to provide electricity & illuminate every household in the state. Vedanta Power has an overall portfolio of 9 GW in India out of which 37% is used for commercial purposes. Apart from Punjab, we are also backed by long-term power purchase agreements with state distribution companies of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha to generate power for commercial use.

  • The electricity generation target in India is set at 1330 billion units
  • India’s power demand is likely to touch 1894.70 TWh by the end of FY'22
  • India’s power sector is likely to attract 128.24 billion to 135.37 billion
  • India had a total installed capacity of 379.130 GW as of Feb 2021
  • Highest ever import substitute allocation of 2.03 million MT from CIL amongst all IPPs across India
  • TSPL is the first Vedanta site to become SUP (Single Use Plastic) free
  • Receive favourable order from Honourable APTEL in Deemed Import matter
  • TSPL recognized “Great Place to WorkTM
  • Installation of Wagon Door closure Hydraulic Unit
  • Uninterrupted Unit#3 operation for 160 days after capital overhauling

Fostering growth

India is the third-largest power producer in the world. However, the demand for power in India far outweighs the supply which leads to substantial power outages. Over 280 million people in India have no access to electricity. With the Government of India advancing its plans to reduce the power shortage, Vedanta Power steps in & caters to the demand by establishing power generation plants across the country. We have several power purchase agreements in place to help the state governments supply uninterrupted power to their respective residential communities.

Fostering growth
Mr. Vibhav Agarwal

We stay committed to our mission of powering the state of Punjab, propelling it on a higher growth trajectory. As a responsible corporate, we are mindful of our responsibilities and have embarked upon a transformational ESG journey with a strong focus on adopting state of the art technology for efficiency improvement, reducing water footprints, and ensuring an all-inclusive and holistic development of the socio-economic ecosystem.

Vibhav Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer


To become the best performing and the most competitive power plant in India with world-class sustainability practices aided by technology, innovation, and a strong governance framework with the aim of partnering in progress of the nation.

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