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Aluminium is the metal of the future, essential for modern life and crucial for socio-economic progress.

It is the second most important metal in the world today and is poised to become the most important commercial metal in the near future.

As India’s largest producer of this ‘green metal’, our Aluminium Business is proudly laying the foundation of a sustainable future for our customers, communities and the world at large. Vedanta Aluminium is amongst the global leaders in manufacturing high-quality aluminium products and special alloys that find applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

The business has some of the world’s largest aluminium assets in eastern India - in the states of Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

  • Aluminium’s unique properties such as its high strength to weight ratio, immense recyclability, conductivity, malleability and abundance make it the metal of choice for an energy conscious world
  • Vedanta’s aluminium finds applications across critical sectors like aerospace, aviation, defence, transportation, electricity distribution, packaging etc. and in sunrise sectors such as electric vehicles, renewable energy and more
  • Aiding the world’s transition to a low carbon economy, aluminium will play a critical role in enabling all potential ‘green’ solutions, from renewable energy to packaging
  • With one of the largest ranges of aluminium products that includes Restora Low Carbon Aluminium, Ingots, Billets, Wire Rods, Slabs, Rolled Products, Sheets & Coils, Primary Foundry Alloy and more, we are catering to an illustrious clientele in more than 30 countries
  • A production capacity of 2.2 Mtpa across our Aluminium Smelters in Odisha (Jharsuguda) and Chhattisgarh (BALCO, Korba), and 2 Mtpa Alumina Refinery in Odisha (Lanjigarh)
  • Expansion is underway at our aluminium production facilities to add new product lines and at alumina refinery, to cater to the growing demand for this strategic metal
  • India’s largest primary aluminium producers, with nearly 60% share of production
  • First from India to manufacture low-carbon aluminium products, branded Restora, joining the handful of global companies in the world to produce this product
  • Developing new products and high-end value-additions for key growth industries
  • Our world-class assets are hailed for catalysing socio-economic development in the remotest parts of the country
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aluminium businesses slider img

First Indian company to manufacture low-carbon ‘green’ Aluminium – Restora

Being one of the world’s largest aluminium producers, we pride ourselves in creating market-responsive products & services that provide our customers an unmatched competitive advantage in their evolving business journey. Therefore, we are the preferred suppliers of one of the largest ranges of aluminium products for customers world-wide. In FY'22, our Aluminium Business created history by launching India’s first low-carbon aluminium brand ‘Restora’, to address the fast-growing global demand for low-carbon aluminium. ‘Restora’ symbolises our efforts to restore the green balance, by producing premium-grade aluminium, while decarbonizing our operations. Under the brand, we are offering our customers two product lines – Restora (low-carbon aluminium) and Restora Ultra (ultra low-carbon aluminium).

John Slaven

Vedanta Aluminium is fulfilling its mission of spurring emerging applications of aluminium as the ‘Metal of the Future’ by marrying sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices with best-of-breed technology. Aluminium is amongst the most sustainable of metals, being eternally recyclable, and has unique properties that find crucial applications across a vast spectrum of industries – from aviation to consumer goods to renewable energy. As countries and companies make pace on their Net Zero commitments, the foreseeable future will be metals and minerals intensive. Being the largest aluminium producer from India, we are at the forefront of developing special alloys to cater to the rapidly evolving demands of a low carbon economy.

John Slaven

CEO, Aluminium


To be amongst the world’s best, most sustainable and cost competitive producers of aluminium, shaping a greener future for humankind.

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