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Vedanta’s Electronics Business

Vedanta Group’s strategy is to position itself for the larger purpose of nation building and contribute to the collective vision of becoming a self-reliant nation. Semiconductors and display glass, which are critical raw materials for electronics manufacturing, have significant supply deficit in India. Globally, the manufacture of semiconductor and display glass is dominated by a handful of countries. India does not manufacture glass substrates, display glass/panels or semiconductors. Therefore, Vedanta believes that to achieve self-sufficiency in electronics manufacturing, the country needs to reduce its reliance on electronics imports.

Herein lies the opportunity to build India’s first semiconductor and integrated glass and display facility. India’s semiconductor and display market has been growing at a significant pace and is estimated to grow to ~$80 bn by 20281 and ~$23 bn by 20302 respectively. The Government of India also has the vision to achieve $300 bn in electronics manufacturing by 20263 .

Vedanta Semiconductors Private Limited

Vedanta Semiconductors Private Limited (VSPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vedanta Limited.

VSPL plans to set up a 40nm CMOS-based semiconductor fab with a capacity of 40,000 wafers starts per month of 300 mm wafer size. In phase 2, post reaching the mass production of 40nm, the company will transition to upgraded technology of manufacturing 28nm size chips. These semiconductor chips will cater to applications in mobiles, consumer electronics, automotives and network equipment.


Vedanta Displays Limited

Vedanta Displays Limited (VDL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vedanta Limited.

VDL plans to set up an integrated display and module fab to cater to all major applications across small, medium and large sized display segments. This business will allow the company to leverage the expertise of its overseas subsidiary Avanstrate Inc., which is a top global manufacturer of LCD glass substrates.

Initially, the company will focus on Gen 8.6 A-Si IPS fabs including glass, panel, and module with a per month capacity of 60,000 sheets and 10mn modules to cater to key sizes of all major applications including televisions, IT, automotives and smartphones.

In phase 2, the company intends to increase monthly production capacity to 240,000 sheets and 40mn modules.


Creating India's own Silicon Valley

In line with our commitment towards building a self-reliant India, Vedanta Semiconductors and Vedanta Displays signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the Government of Gujarat in September 2022 to set up semiconductor and display fabs in Dholera, Gujarat. Vedanta has also signed 50+ MoUs with various ecosystem partners from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, who have shown keen interest in co-locating with us.

Vedanta’s proposed semiconductor and display fabs will help establish the core of India’s electronics manufacturing ecosystem. This is a project of national strategic importance and Vedanta envisions itself as a catalyst for transforming India into a hub for high-tech electronics manufacturing, leveraging the country's strengths in infrastructure, talent, and conducive policies, and transforming the country into a net exporter of electronics in the years to come.

Vedanta’s fabs will contribute to the development of an ecosystem involving 150+ companies across the value chain. There is an $80 bn opportunity for ecosystem players, which have the potential to bring in ~$23 bn+ direct investment, create 80,000+ direct and indirect job opportunities in India with technical upskilling of the workforce, and ultimately make electronics affordable for all.

In the not-too-distant future, the hub will help transform India as a global destination for design, innovation and high-tech manufacturing. In short, India’s own Silicon Valley.