Sustainable Development & Community


As a diversified natural resources company, Vedanta is committed to delivering sustainable and responsible growth, which creates value for both our shareholders and all our stakeholders. We proactively engage to incorporate sustainability in all our practices. We are committed to sustainability in our mining practices, energy conservation, recycling, proper treatment & disposal of the waste, health & safety practices, wellbeing of our employees and development of our local communities.

Key statistics for FY 2020:

3.3 million community beneficiaries of Vedanta's social activities (FY2019: 3.1 million)

Carbon footprint: 63 million mt (FY2019: 58 million mt)

Fatalities: 7 (FY2019: 9)

LTIFR: 0.66 (FY2019: 0.49)

Water recycling rate: 29% (FY2019: 28%)

2.54 million m3 of water saved (target: 2.5 million m3)

1.75 million GJ of energy conserved (target: 1.75 million GJ)

Community investment: US$ 45 million (FY2019: US$ 45 million)